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Hot Topics for 2019

           Case Management Competence: Reframing What Defines Practice Excellence

           Case Management Ethics 2019: Where Should Your Ethical Compass Point?

           E-Tech Ethics© 2019:
  •            Mastery for Professional Case Management
  •            Mastery for Behavioral Health Professionals

​           Evolution of End of Life Care: Ethical Implications for Practice

           Leveraging Interprofessional Team-Based Care  New for 2019 

           Management of Bullying in Health Care: Tactical and Ethical Guidance 

           Mastery of the Social Determinants of Health: Case Management's Next Frontier New for 2019

           The New Age of Bullying and Violence in Health Care: Ethics and Practice Impact

           Professional Resilience© Meets the Quadruple Aim: Professional Mandate, Ethical Imperative
           Tackling Workforce Trauma: Wash, Dry, Resilience, Repeat   New for 2019
           The Value Proposition of Case Management Ethics: The 3 Cs and Ds  New for 2019

​           Wholistic Case Management®: The Answer to Value-Based Care (with Hussein M. Tahan) 
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